Gateway Green fundraiser info

You might be wondering, “Why are these dudes/dudettes selling their old skinsuits? I mean they’re old skinsuits, as in used skinsuits, as in somebody’s body has already been in them skinsuits.” We’ll if you’re wondering that, then you don’t get it, and you’ll probably never get it, and that’s probably not your fault, it’s ok, you’re still ok in our book. This sale, this site, this whole vibe isn’t for you. But if you’re one of the lucky ones out there, and you get us, and you happen to be of average size and shape then you’re welcome. You're welcome because we’re putting these special edition Poler CX skinsuits on sale.

These things are special, made on a need-to-race basis, only a limited and specific number were made each year for our team riders. We have no plans to make any of these again. We ran this by the world, god, and the internet (both the musician and the soon-to-become self-aware global depository of knowledge) and they confirmed that in fact none of these will ever be made again. So by definition these are limited editions.

So why sell them? It's not that we need the money, I mean it's not that we don’t need the money, but we are committed to supporting something of greater value than our own base needs. In fact, left to our own devices we probably would have never thought to sell these things. But you, you know who you are, you kept asking. So we got together and talked about it. The consensus? “Let them eat cake,” which is our motto at Poler CX headquarters.

Not only are we giving the community the opportunity to buy these amazing skinsuits but 50% of our earnings are going towards funding The Gateway Green project in our hometown of Portland, Oregon. Basically the project gives Portlanders a place to ride CX, MTBs, and maybe even dirt jumps located more-or-less in the city center. If you live here or have ever visited Portland you know the city needs it. We want it, you should want it too.

Supplies are limited and to the best of our abilities these skinsuits have been cleaned. Here's the thing, some may say that you’re buying your way on to our team. But we know that your willingness to purchases one of these skinsuits and the foresite it takes to understand all the many and nuanced ramifications of your actions clearly means that you’re somebody we want on the team. Basically this is vetting process for the future. A future where we collectively race our single speed cx bikes into a beautiful rain choked sunset.